Shorty George


Living An Interesting Life & Paying Respects

Coming from a poor family, I’ve learned to take the opportunity to live past survival. Being more interesting; it’s difficult. Trying to be more interesting; it’s probably fruitless, even fake. A wise musician friend told me, “You’re an interesting man George, but you know what? It’s not because you’re interesting, it’s because you’re interestED.”

So… struggle with it. Search your mind & environment for those things that you would be interestED in. You’d be surprised how deep the rabbit hole goes. And… whether they were a conscious or subconscious contributor of your life of personally “interestED” things, remember, cherish, and give respect to the family, friends, & inspiring people that got you there.


With that said, I’d like to point out one of my favorite life snapshots, where music, culture, dance, & two worlds come together – USA & Lithuania.

Imagine a New York band, “Cangelosi Cards,” decided to take a busking tour through Europe. Imagine you joined the crew as their street dancer for those 11 weeks. Imagine one of the stops on the tour being Lithuania, where we met a beautiful city & a Lithuanian “Rhythm Junkies” band. Imagine joining forces on Pilies street, Cards & you, Junkies & a Lithuanian dancer.

These were moments of magic I tell you. This is when my dancing & spirit really began to take off. That was only back in 2009. There’s so much more to be interestED in.