Jul 162015

Places to see.

Take A Day Trip To The Prince Islands (Buyukada)

Wake up early. Bring bathing suit & slippers. Take this awesome ferry for like 1.5 hours and hopefully enjoy the sun and wind in your face. Then you like arrive there, and boom. No automobiles. Only horse carriages. Bicycles. Eat grilled fish. Say nom nom. Relax on beach chairs. Eat this crazy ice cream that’s so hard you cut it with a knife. Say nom nom, again.

Hagia Sophia

Marvel meets DC comics. Greek Orthodox Church turned into Imperial Mosque. Amazing. You miss it; I kill you.

Basilica Cystern

Ancient beautiful Byzantine thing that held lots of water. Badass. Same locale as Hagia Sophia, so you can hit it up also same day.

Blue Mosque

So this Sultan built a crazy mosque with 6 minarets (spires where they scream the call to prayer). The Mecca original has 6 minarets, so sultan basically had the audacity to think he was an equal. But he fixed it by sending a 7th minaret to the Mecca. What an ass. Same locale as Hagia Sophia, so you can hit it up also same day.

Topkapi Palace

See how the sultans freaking built these massive places for themselves and promote falsehoods about religion, these selfish dogs, not to mention these ridiculous robes they wore that could fit like 3 people in one robe. No doubt the sultan had a harem doing nasty things to him under the robe. Bastard. And their water goblets were encrusted gems. Didn’t they cut their gums with that? (half a friggin day if you’re up for it)


So many good museums, but some notable mentions – Istanbul Modern, Pera Museum (which is near the Pera Palace where Agatha Christie stayed and wrote some novels or something).


The neighborhood called Eminonu is a good place to go. The Grand Bazaar is there, the Spice Bazaar, you can buy Turkish delights, Turkish coffee set, Turkish tea set, go nuts on these things to your heart’s desire.

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