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“I never expected to be a professional dancer, or teacher, or choreographer, or anything. I just wanted to dance.”

- Frankie Manning, Ambassador of Lindy Hop








Some things I’ve helped people out with in the past are:
– leading and following with comfort (i.e. correcting “too heavy” or “too strong”)
– leader & follower variations
– adding improvisation to your dance (i.e. dancing from the heart)
– adding musicality to your dance (i.e. stop counting)
– jazz steps & solo dancing



Message me for Dance Lessons

  2 Responses to “Dance Lessons”

  1. I would like to inquire about a possible Shorty George dance lesson as an anniversary for my wife. She likes to dance and would be thrilled to get a lesson from such e legendary teacher. Is there any potential of scheduling a NYC/NJ private lesson with Shorty George anytime in the future?

  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for asking about dance lessons. I wrote you an email about it to discuss it. Thanks again for your interest and hope to hear from you soon. Lindy Hop is definitely a fun way to spice things up.