Swing Dancer


Shorty George is one crazy dance cactus. When he started dancing, he forgot that he needed water to survive. While dehydrating himself, he enjoyed making his partner smile, as well as dancers around him. Since 2004, he’s rocked out as a Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa dancer. In Iceland, Turkey, Poland, Israel, Greece & Spain, George taught Lindy, Balboa, & Blues Workshops & brought great energy, humor, and entertainment to the classes while teaching some useful techniques to improve people’s dancing, such as musicality, partner connection, feeling, character, & improvisation. Watch what Madrid & Krakow have to say about his teaching or visit www.shortygeorge.com.




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  2 Responses to “Swing Dancer”

  1. Let us know if you’re ever planning a trip to our neck of the woods!

    Mama Swing


  2. Hi Robyn, that’s cool that there’s swing dancing in Cambodia. I’m currently teaching a Blues Workshop in Istanbul, end of February and doing some other things here. How old is the swing dance scene over there? :) Here’s a fun social dance clip of what I will be doing here – Shorty Blues. :)