Vintage Style For Gents


Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.

Marc Jacobs

Typical men are not familiar with how to navigate a gentlemen’s shop, as it all seems too overwhelming for them. Their mentality is usually to get what they need and make the quick exit. Most recently, Shorty George has changed these perceptions for his disciples and showed that the clothes boost their inner confidence, that taking the time to choose means something. He’s done that by taking men into the field, into gentlemen’s shops, in places such as, for example, Copenhagen’s Herrernes Magasin and opened them to the importance of owning the right clothing, for them.

Shorty George has developed an eclectic taste for vintage men’s fashion that many people around the world have seeked his expert advice on. Requests range from looking for “nice shoes” to impress a date, a tie to match his outfit when speaking to a well-dressed crowd of 300, suits that are appropriate and stylish for dancing, ties and bow ties that fit their outfit and skin tones. George has impressed upon many men to discover their style, in vintage men’s fashion.

Small in-class presentations have also helped to inspire men to work on translating inner personality to outer style. George uses inspiring and even sometimes peculiar celebrities, such as Marlon Brando, to demonstrate personal style.

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