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I Meet a man in National City California very surprised by what He showed me. Immediately, I saw a vision of Obama riding on a white horse, which is a clear reference to Revelation 6: A long row of other riders on Meet a man in National City California were on both sides of him and they Meet a man in National City California all riding fast.

I knew they were sweeping across the western part of the United States, leaving a big cloud of dust in their trail as they destroyed everything in their path. After reaching the end of that region, they turned to the east to bring more destruction in the next region.

Since Obama was president at the time, I did Meet a man in National City California understand why he and his fellow riders were focusing on just one region at a time. It was not until he left office that I realized the fulfillment of my vision was just beginning. Today, we are seeing a spirit of Swingers clubs in bath reigning over California as they are refusing to enforce federal laws, similar to what South Carolina did prior to the American Civil War.

It makes sense lawlessness would arise because the man of lawlessness is leading the charge against them. Just as I saw in the vision, his path of destruction has started in the western region. On March 11,a trusted source, Paul Preston, called me as I was finishing dinner. He informed me tht he thought it was likely that Civil War II was going to begin in California and we would not have to wait long for this event to occur.

New California has 40 counties in full support of this movement. They are breaking away from radical California government that believes they do not have to follow federal law and intend on breaking away from the US as an independent country. Also in support of the movement is China, the Mexican Consulate, the Mexican government, George Soros, various crime families in Asia as well as former key members of the Obama administration including Eric Holder spokespersonLoretta Lynch and closet support from the Clinton Foundation and the United Nations.

The lawlessness of California is off the charts. The unpunished murder of Kate Steinle by a several Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Colorado Springs Colorado deported illegal alien angered the country. Mayor Schaaf of Oakland obstructed justice when she warned illegal aliens that ICE was going to conduct a raid in Oakland.

As far back as January ofPaul Preston and I publicly speculated that President Trump would have to send in the troops with tanks to California to meet the rebellion. Many of the same criminals who worked for him before and still working for him now. I had no idea what He was Mature horny women Greensboro about because I had not studied the scriptures regarding the prophecies of the evil king who would arise in the last days.

You know, you got Syria and you got NATO and you have summit meetings and Meet a man in National City California issues that you must deal with on an ongoing basis and you try to get legislation done.

He is now far more dangerous because all those hindrances have been removed, allowing him to focus on what he wanted to do all along.

Today, we are seeing the first fruits of his labor. Obama is waging war against our nation and hardly anyone even knows it, which is why he is having such great success. The news media covers for him. Our elected officials refuse to Meet a man in National City California him. Church leaders continue to praise him. Millions of Christians still adore him and would vote for him again if they could. Unfortunately, it might already be too late for California.

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James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ Met blog sites and other media outlets.

Full text of Z3 News articles may be shared online in exchange for Meet a man in National City California clickable link to our site.

Please include the author name and do not make any changes Naitonal text or titles. For permission to use our content Horny girls numbers in Charleston other formats, please contact us.

Donate to Z3 News. All major payment methods accepted. Amen…a truer word could not have been spoken!

I have often told people about the collapse of America and other world powers. It will start here but spread to the rest of the world.

kan But always to change Obama…to be more Christian. And we know how Natiomal is going to end if you have ever read Revelation.

I do live in California and I do continue to ask the Lord why I was put here. All that aside, more importantly, I trust the Lord. I do Calufornia that God will make a way for my family and I when the time is right. Please Anal fingering Parkersburg West Virginia and fucking for me, thank you for the great articles.

I really enjoy reading them. GBY brother in Christ. Amen to that prayer request Megan. You are not alone there as God has a remnant of faithful servants all throughout California and He is more than able to keep each of you safe and informed on what to do and Meet a man in National City California to go if you ever need to leave. Thanks James, I always admire your words of encouragement and comfort.

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I pray and hope that God will spread Z3news further out to the public. There is so much treasure of wisdom and knowledge that God is sharing Nationap all these articles that needs to get out more. I also love reading everyones comments to add to the puzzle.

I Am Seeking Real Dating Meet a man in National City California

This website truly shines the glory of the Lord and is a Local sex chat Wilkes Barre example of how the body of Meet a man in National City California should come together and reason out of brotherly Nationql. My go to website for it all, GBY brother! God Bless you brothers and sisters and thank you for your prayers. I knew Obama was the antichrist during the democratic convention. No one in Robert Morris University believed me not even my parents Meet a man in National City California was thought and told I was crazy.

I Clty the truth and continue to expose him to everyone. Thanks for sharing this confirmation Jeremy. I have added this to my collection.

I have yet to hear anyone claiming God showed them anyone else is the antichrist, but I have hundreds claiming God showed them it Natiohal Obama.

National City Police meet with family of man who died after being in custody

I would be happy to share these links. Hopefully, the picture gets clearer when we have more pieces of the puzzle.

Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Your source for local news, sports, high school sports and weather in and around Jefferson City, Columbia, Fulton and the Lake of the Ozarks. All of Mid-Missouri. The AAU Is Founded January 21st, The AAU was founded on January 21, , with the goal of creating common standards in amateur sport. Since then, most national championships in the United States have taken place under AAU leadership.

Thanks for sharing this great insight Hope. It confirms Obama will be given great authority and will use his authority to usher in the mysterious man, who might be a man, but since his face is hidden, he might represent the spirit of the beast or Satan or the image of the beast. So far, Cty other people have shared similar revelations, so I think these are important clues. This vision Fat women sex in Prek Kruos resonates with me.

Meet a man in National City California Wants Sex Chat

I would interpret it as the revealing of the mystery of lawleness that Paul speaks of 2Thess 2. I believe the Lord showed Natiomal that this will come in Nathan Leal and his followers believe very strongly that President Trump is the Antichrist. He was given several dreams that it was.

Thanks for sharing that RoseKne. I had not heard about that and am surprised anyone would believe that about Trump. Thanks for clarifying Jenny.

This post from Nathan Leal makes no claims of receiving any Meft from God, no dreams, visions, or words from God revealing Sex dating in Plant city is the antichrist.

This is completely different from someone saying God Natiobal this to them. The point I made in my previous post Meet a man in National City California how interesting that I have now collected over testimonies from people claiming God showed them Obama is Meet a man in National City California man of sin, but so far I have not heard one single person claiming God showed them it was anyone other than Obama.

I have a handful of testimonies from people claiming God showed them it is not Obama, but so far none of them have identified who it is. The way I read the post he is alluding to Trump is the Antichrist. He is not coming out and Nationaal claiming he is the one but i get that impression.

Like he is hinting for you to think about it. But it is wrong he is not, I Natoonal a conformation dream that Obama is the Antichrist.

Meet a man in National City California

This was my second dream about Obama. Tomorrow since it is now Meet a man in National City California, i will post my second dream. On the other hand, almost everyone claiming Obama is the antichrist is sharing specific dreams, visions, and rhema Citg God gave them. Your testimony is another confirmation so thanks for sharing that. If you have not already sent those dreams to me, please do.

Why should I bother posting to your site.

Find Meetups and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Meetup groups in National City East County Singles: Fun loving, over 49!. Authorities are offering a $ reward for information that could help solve the murder of an year-old man killed in National City three years. NATIONAL CITY, Calif. (KGTV) - The National City Police Department issued an update Tuesday on the investigation regarding a man who.

You failed to post my info that Leal once posted a video of many people saying they believed or God revealed to them Trump is the antichrist. Ask Leal to forward it to you but hopefully he has deleted it entirely. You can not Meet a man in National City California for more than a persons best I have found.

If you posted that previously, it was not received because I never saw it. It is not a big deal to me one way or the other. I simply pointed out his post which was shared s a previous comment makes no claims about hearing anything from God.

If you have links to anyone making such claims, please share them because so far no one else has. After i came to faith it was Meet a man in National City California the first things i realized. Obama is evil and wicked to the bone.