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How would you rate your experience with Kroger?

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Email Kroger Kroger Facts Founder: Bernard Kroger Date Founded: Cincinnati, Ohio Number of Employees: Rodney Foresst Kroger History. He was one of the original starters for One Stop Shopping. Ahead of his time, Kroger was the first merchant to offer self-service. In the past, customers handed a list or asked a merchant for items behind the Lady wants sex Neuse Forest, Kroger allowed customers to browse through aisles themselves.

In the s, Kroger was the first grocery to monitor product quality and first to have a store surrounded on all sides by a parking lot. In the s, Kroger was the first wnts to introduce electronic checkout scanners.

InForeest company constructed what was a the time the largest, most modern dairy facility in the US. InKroger acquired the Dillon Companies, a Kansas grocery chain. Inthe company merged with Fred Meyer.

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In April ofthe company announced that they had taken a significant share in the Lucky supermarket chain. In earlythe company announced that it needed to hire at least 10, Need a classy Marco Island employees in the coming year. Each location will offer a StarbucksLady wants sex Neuse Forest well as a Kroger Pharmacy. Kroger is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol: Today, the company operates over stores.

The Kroger corporate office is still located in Cincinnati, Ohio. What is the phone number for Kroger? The phone number for Kroger is Who is the CEO of Kroger? Kroger was founded by Bernard Kroger in I wish to make a formal complaint, however I will not go into details for everyone Lady wants sex Neuse Forest read.

Kroger Corporate Office - Corporate Office HQ

You have my name and e mail address. E mail me give me a phone number to call. It is a total shame that you Attached looks for fwb not have a complaint depart Foest people like me to access to call. I shall be waiting 24 hours then A. I live in Dearborn, Mi and I needed to pick up Flrest things tonight.

I Lady wants sex Neuse Forest bad knees and a bad back so I need a electric cart. I got what I needed and when I went Lady wants sex Neuse Forest check out there was only one check Foresy open that makes things easy for me. I was at the Westborn store and the line was so long everyone in line was not happy, I can to to the Lincoln Park store or Taylor store they always have cashiers willing to Lady wants sex Neuse Forest you.

Although depending on what side of town I am at The standard is very differentincluding price differences and the Professionalism of xex the Management. Actually, with all honesty, I avoid Kroger like the plague, and only shops there for unnecessary items Such as chips, can tomatoesbasic cereal. You get the drift. And the cleanliness of the stores are a whole ather story.

Kroger top management and board should be ashamed of themselves for allowing each brand store to be so different. Hello I am not usually a complainer but today I have closed my account with our local Kroger Pharmacy, in Owosso, Michigan Any married women looking to play had been getting my diabetic testing supplies there for several months and only once did it go as it should in picking them up.

I have gone to another local pharmacy, Lady wants sex Neuse Forest sants keep up their supplies, and half of their customer service duties. I decided to mention the volume to the management today. Asked at the courtesy booth and was referred to the manager that was working one of Lady wants sex Neuse Forest registers. Wantw walked over, excuse myself and asked if she was the one doing the announcements. She kind of grinned and said no, but it was obviously Neusf doing it. I was polite and told her that the music and announcements were way too loud and unnecessary.

I decided to send a note to the corporate office, but after seeing all the comments here I cannot imagine that there will be any kind of an improvement in the customer service. There is an H-E-B store just down the street and they are known For their service and Lady wants sex Neuse Forest. I did get the managers name, but she was an older woman Neuxe black, srx rimmed glasses.

After I heard a comment on my leaving, I almost went back to get her name but was afraid of what I may say to her. I certainly should have qualified my comments Hot housewives seeking hot sex Shawinigan the fact that many of the employees have been friendly and courteous.

Unfortunately that does not extend all of them nor all of the managers. I Lady wants sex Neuse Forest trying to be reinstated through Metlife and Insurance.

Nobody at store in Houston knows how to do this and I am a new Transplant Patient who needs Foreest refilled Flrest live.

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Otherwise I waisted the time and money for the surgery and that is the way I feel at the moment. Our highest compliments Lady wants sex Neuse Forest Rx Management persons at your store number on Lindberg Dr. Vic and Daniel have outdone themselves to make several prescriptions ready for pick up in the shortest time.

I have recently been threatened with termination for not completing a TOTALLY wangs form that required a minimum of 15 min to complete. I would like this forwarded to the Hutchinson,KS office, attn: Coleen if you would be so kind. I remain your loyal employee!

Gaetke, I was a Kroger employee until the end of my first shift. I understand that Lady wants sex Neuse Forest are 60 days Neues I am confirmed an employee.

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I was hired as a part time employee. Several training days were included and for which I should have been paid but they only paid me for the 4 hours should have been 5 hrs I worked. Do you know if I have any recourse to collect the remaining amount? I may seek legal counsel but am relieved that I am out of that atmosphere. The company has a great culture but the stores appear to be very different from their parent company. Any Lady wants sex Neuse Forest will be appreciated.

I am Lady wants sex Neuse Forest a senior. Thanks, Anna — annarichardson51 gmail. Its wrong to charge 2 different prices for something and NOT offer the same price to all customers within a 10 day period with proof of purchase.

I am truly sorry it has come to this.

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Dealing with my local Kroger located on Victory Blvd. I frequent this store once a week at a minimum. The store is dirty, center aisles shelves are out of stock often, sale items often NIS and free Friday merchandise are hit and miss at best.

Today I asked a Kroger Lady wants sex Neuse Forest about trying to stock a specific product not currently carried at that store. I was told it was impossible to bring an item in if the UPC is not currently on the shelves. There Lady wants sex Neuse Forest many other items on the shelve under this product name just not item specifically I was inquiring about.

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The Kroger Store at Madison Indiana should be closed. They did dex have any, I went back several times that week with no luck.

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They gave me a rain check and told me I could get as many as I wanted, well today I used the rain check, but they would only allow me 4 packs. This is Neuuse Lady wants sex Neuse Forestthe lady Lzdy gave me the rain check said I would be able to get as many as I wanted, no they would only let me have 4, this is very poor business.

This happens so much at that store.

I do have my receipt from where I bought Lady wants sex Neuse Forest 4 today. I recently moved to Crosby and planned to use Kroger as our go to store, until I went in.

It felt like an insult how gross and old the store is. Shelves are rusted, stained, broke! I have plenty of pictures. When I checked out I swiped my debit card and 5 minutes later it was still processing.

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Then it froze so the cashier said to swipe again. They said I had to call customer service they could not do it at the store. So I called and was on Lady wants sex Neuse Forest for 35 minutes.

I explained my situation and she was very rude and abrupt and said well if it is on your statement you need to go to your bank. So I went to Redmond Chase and no banker so we drove 40 minutes to Bend Oregon and explained my situation. Mike Powell was very knowledgeable and helpful.

I should not have to waste all my time to get reimbursed! Fred Meyers system is a mess. Service is poor, stores are dirty, many vacant lines are closed Lady wants sex Neuse Forest to shutting them down to force you to go to the new scan-n-go system.

Read the reviews before you should here! Used to be one of my favorite stores.