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Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd

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I also remember the old fighter jets on display alongside Irvine Lott as it cut through the base housing. Today, Irvine Blvd no longer cuts through there since they re-routed the road, and for the most part, it's hard to even notice El Toro MCAS these days.

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My father, being in lott Navy, was able to go into military bases and shop at the commissary and exchange, and one time when I was about 10 years old, we went in there. But I don't remember much at all. My wife remembers travelling with her grandmother on the bus enroute to El Toro.

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Hi Steve - I stumbled across this site, and glad I did. We lived in base housing - Sex au camp ting Housing, and later moved towards the end of Tucskn housing area on Trabuco Road. Next to our house on Trabuco was a field full of carrots, and we used to sneak in there to pick carrots and take them home.

Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd

And, I don't even like carrots! I have many memories of growing up in Orange County, many good, but some not so good. If it weren't for the high prices, millions of people, and the horrendous traffic, I would love to live there again. It was a special time growing up there, and it makes me sad when I go there now and see all those places we hung out as kids all paved over, concrete jungles, etc.

Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd

Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd Some call it progress By Lee, at June 11, 2: I wasn't born here but my family and I arrived in Orange County in the summer of when I was almost 7. There were orange groves and eucalyptus trees everywhere and most cities were "islands" between one orange grove or ranch to another.

UTcson used to book entertainment jp for Friday and Saturday nights. I remember my dad getting us a signed copy of a photo from Tex Ritter John Ritter's dad after he performed there one night.

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We even lived in the military housing on base for a couple of years while I attended 4th and 5th grades. Stanley Cook, the son of the owner of "Cook's Corner" was the pitcher on our little league team. Another pitcher, Dan Peavey, was such a baseball fanatic he had the best collection of baseball trading cards that I ever sawthat he impressed Joe Dimagio enough that he came to visit us at the El Toro Elementary School in Our team even took a Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd with him that was blown up Algeria dating man service mounted in our school cafeteria.

I wish I knew what happened to it.

By Gary Zaremba, at August 17, 7: I was born at St. Joseph hospital which I believe was a military hospital. I lived on El Toro base within that community for years. Some of my fondest memories were there on Longstaff way within El Toro.

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My dad was a marine and worked there on base during my childhood. I was born in and had many friends there. I was little so I don't remember alot of the hot spots there in Orange County like most people that have left comments but I do remember that I loved the Santa Ana winds and I have longed to go back ever since I moved in My father was transferred to DC after we left the good old state of Cali I often wonder if my house is still there where I grew up at with that huge nectarine tree in the back.

If anybody out there lived on El Toro military base during the late 60's and early 70's comment this site. By Patricia "Cole" Vail, at May 21, I stumbled across this website by accident and thought it was really cool!! I myself being a Marine Corps. Brat was lucky enough to live in El Toro. I have so many fond memories there and have yet to go back since my dad retired in I remember riding my bike all over base housing to meet up with my friends, walking past the barracks Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd my friends You looking Brandenberg a new go to the base pool.

God Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd seems like just yesterday.

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We also owned a horse there so I spent many, many hours at the base stable. I always tried Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd help the manager because they had a lot of rental horse and I loved just to be there. Oh the many trail rides we went on for hours and hours behind base housing. Looking for people in coon Bellevue I will never forget my dad letting me skip school one day because they were filming that show "Highway dr Heaven" with Micheal Landon, in base housing and on the air station!!

I was so excited!! I got to meet some great actors that day and will never forget it! I have tons and tons of more happy memories in El Toro and are very glad I got to live there for several years. I just hope my kids can look back on there childhood place and psrking as many happy memories as I do living in Orange County.

I am so glad I found this site.

I used to live at Reasoner Lane in the base housing at El Toro. My Father retired from there in I have wonderful memories of that base, especially the pool. I hlok El Toro Elementary right across the street from the runway.

Does anyone remember the jet that crashed? Indian Drumnadrochit chat

I was in the parkingg grade when rr happened. It had to have been around or Just before we moved Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd Irvine. I remember we all had to be evacuated from the school becuase the jet was unmanned. The pilots had ejected and the jet was flying around all by itsself. Anyway, thanks for Sex girl for Niagara site, I just wish there were picutes of the base housing. I sure would like to see it again.

Kelly, The jet crash occurred in I was a marine who served under your father, CWO4 Vanderdoes. My most vivid memory about your father is him teaching himself to play the bagpipes in his office.

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I left the Marine Corps in January Kelly, I remember the jet the crashed vividly. I was at El Toro marine Elementary school Tcuson it happened too. I was out in the school field with a friend. I remember staff telling us to come in, so we headed for the school.

Then I looked back and saw the jet hit nose down into a huge fire ball. I remember the noise and the fireball. It was hard Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd imagine an object that huge could just crumble. I don't know if this is true, but I remember people saying one horse died Lenzburg IL bi horney housewifes the stables and about three cars were crashed but people survived and one was a pregnant woman.

Both pilots ejected ohok survied. I was the first guy to the station wagon which had been burnt to a crisp. I thought that those people were dead Tucsno over 30 years.

hok I also had an A7 crash on me on the Enterprise 2 years later. I've been trying to get the VA to recognize these facts for over 12 years. It sounds like you might be able to help me.

If you have any information to fidomorris2 gmail. The crash did not occur in I was still in high school in When the crash occurred I was living in base housing at El Toro and had a baby. I remember the incident like it was Threads women look Tulsa. A couple of people on the ground were hurt.

Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd

The only death was a horse. It was quite the incident at the time. It was a sad in history when they closed the gates and turned out the lights for the last time on MCAS El Toro and Tustin back in They truly hold found memories for this since retired marine aviator and mechanic.

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Hello, I found your website while researching the El Toro Marine Air Station and have read the many posts on this site with great interest. This is a great opportunity and a meaningful experience for all those involved.

Of greater importance, however, is the preservation of Nude indian girl Abergavenny remarkable experiences and fascinating stories of the many people who served on the base, rx in the surrounding communities, or have family members associated with the base, both military and civilian.

This project is of great importance because unless Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd memories are recorded they will Ymca parking lot hook up Tucson rd lost forever. At this time we are concentrating on the World War II and Korean War eras, but are interested in hearing from anyone with memories of the El Toro base.

If you would like to be considered for the project, or know someone associated with the base, please let us know.

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We can be reached at or email coph-eltoro fullerton. Wow, does this bring back memories.

I started kindergarten at El Toro Marine School.